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Letter to CIRCUS fans: separating truth from lies...

From 1969 to 2006, Gerry Rothberg was part owner of the Circus Enterprises Corporation. CIRCUS Magazine was great at times only because of its collected staff of knowledgeable and dedicated reporters/photographers throughout the years - not because of GR’s inflated ego.


Since GR never appreciated his staff, they were always leaving CIRCUS for greater job opportunities (at Rolling Stone magazine and others) where they'd receive better pay and some respect. Eventually, no one was willing to work with GR anymore - so he had to use writers who'd work for free to get the publishing jobs done: “You’ll get recognition but no money for your efforts.”


His decision to use those workers made the quality of the magazine spiral downward until it was too far gone to save under his management. Due to GR's multiple mistakes in running the company over its history, CIRCUS Magazine went into foreclosure in June of 2006. It was sold along with all of its... Continue Reading

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