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There’s too much to say in too little time because a lot is going on at every level. 

I’ll try to use this space to address CIRCUS members on many topics. 


Our newest room addition is for Music Adverts.
The 2022 archive audit yielded some more duplicate back issues, (‘60s through the ’00s) that we can give away to our best members. Watch for details - this isn’t for the outsiders. 


We’ll educate those who were too young to be there in the 1980’s about WHY you don’t support artists who haven't paid their dues. 


@$$ kissing-pretender-liar-cheater-thief ML had 6,000+ followers 24 hours ago, he now has over 11,000! He just bought an additional 5,000 robot followers to make him APPEAR big because he is truly SO small in his Canadian man cave. Keep learning the right things to say so you’ll continue to fool those who don’t know you’re full of sh!t. WE know and we’ll call you out! 

I have a list of these FAKE losers that I’m going to joyfully expose! The first to be shown will be everyone who took advantage of CIRCUS Magazine over the last several years. There are also too many businessmen who don’t care about the music community that are trying to profit off of us and we’ll point them out as well. 


How many of these mistakes have YOU seen on other “music” pages?

They... :
Don’t have a website.

Overhype everything to the point that no one believes what they say.

Shamelessly kiss @$$ to be noticed.

Overpost daily, believing quantity over quality is better.

Stalk other sites for content to steal & use without crediting the source.

Buy fake followers / likes / shares for their page and posts.

Share dog walking / selfies / family / food pics.

Ride the trend waves to feel included.

Post sports / political / non-music related content.

Create sympathy spots for attention (“My health is ...”)

Post insincere tributes for the deceased, knowing nothing about them.

Name drop - trying to impress others with who they’ve met.

Post their favorites at a 10 to 1 ratio over others. Are unbalanced & erratic.

Try too hard to be famous - always seeking recognition: “See me? Look at me!”

Duplicate posts (identical content shared twice, minutes apart).

Use poor quality images of every kind.

Hastily create posts without any care or work put into them.

Tease their audience with promises never kept, lying to them repeatedly.

Are a “one-man” team. They need editors to be good.

Don’t try to separate themselves from their competition.

Clutter the newsfeed running the same group of posts three times a day.

Won’t branch out through other media companies.

Have no transparency with their supporters because they’re fake.

Type all sentences together without using paragraphs for easier reading.

Rerun previous posts without expanding them.

Create conflict among their fans for amusement.

Don’t have a life outside of being online during their waking hours.

Embarrass those of us in the music scene who are real.
These observations are not directed toward anyone I’ve friended on fb. If they apply, consider hiring an honest assistant / editor who could help you improve.


Many of the biggest musicians / actors / comedians / entertainers / celebrities / politicians have joined the “bad guy” club in order to be hugely successful, wealthy and famous.

To enter, you must commit a murderous crime while being recorded. This is your boss’ insurance in case you go against them and YOU will be the one punished instead of the club or its members. 


I’m in an uncomfortable position knowing that some of the musicians / artists I work with have joined that club, but they’re not aware that I know. So there is a quiet tension between us that we can’t discuss. 


I’m not going to name them because that’ll be done by another party who can handle the trouble it’ll bring by making such accusations. But I’ll show you how to find them out when I have more time to write the details. 

We’ve endured attacks from the "bad 👁️ guy" club for 20+ years. In June 2015, a drone was used to fly close to me and spray poison that smelled like weed killer - which was near fatal. 


Bronchial airways in my lungs sealed off, my throat swelled shut and I stopped breathing. I still carry lasting effects from that day with me. 


They slowed down doing those things around 2018, which is why I can talk about it now. Of course I’m not the only one being harassed in this nature and there are so many more who got it way worse than what I went through. 


When a “person”/artist/celebrity/politician sells out, they are owned & controlled. One of many examples:


[mafia] “We’re helping and buying you out, Mr. (famous singer’s name). 

As a hired influencer, you’ll be paid $200,000.00 now with an additional $15,000.00 every month for life plus career assistance in every way.

In return, you’re going to tell your fans/followers/supporters what WE want you to say - regardless of how strongly anyone feels about it.


One of your jobs is you’ll tell them to vote for _____ while you put down the other candidate.

Just before voting day, make a video pleading with your fans to choose your selection. You’ve done some acting
so pretend that you’re crying - but wear sunglasses so they won’t know you’re faking it. That should have a great
effect on them to do what we want, understand?

Next, you’re going to tell them to get the Cov-19 vaccine…” 


You’ll soon learn that some famous people you believe in/support have sold out and worse. This is most serious
and many people will be shocked with some in complete denial or disbelief.

But you can handle it and you’ll get over it. So pay attention because that time is now!

I salute my Patriot family in America and around the world on continuing the struggle for true freedom. We’re almost there - hold the line.


I’ve played the drums since 1984 and feel it’s damaged my heart because I’m having problems with it that I’d prefer not to discuss. 


Think of Nick (Megadeth), Sib (Boston), Bobby (B. Squier), Vinnie (Pantera), Jeff (Toto), A.J. (T. Sister), Charlie (R. Stones), Eric (KISS), Taylor (F. Fighters), Gene Krupa and many other drummers who’ve passed from heart ailments. 


It’s forced me to consider final tasks so my availability is very limited, but you may reach me here


J. W. 

CEO for CIRCUS Magazine

Americas rock music journal

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