Running Away With The CIRCUS #13

Don Sil

Don Sill is a freelance metal journalist who has been published in dozens of print and online publications. Sill was a contributing writer who usually had a story or two in every issue of the magazine.


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"I was doing a college radio show at WUSB SUNY Stony Brook and was beginning to interview many metal bands on the air and I found that I had a knack for interviewing. Soon after, I contacted the boss about submitting interviews and eventually he began publishing my work. Of course I used to read CIRCUS all the time. I am a life-long metalhead.


"The boss is a great guy. He does his best to deliver the goods to the metalheads and, in effect, the magazine has become a staple within the metal community. I think the magazine's mission is to keep the metal fans up to date with their favorite bands and let them know what's going on with their favorite music.


"Rolling Stone and Spin serve a different purpose than CIRCUS. CIRCUS is geared toward metal fans. We speak to all the metal bands and the kids know and love that we ask the questions they are interested in. Our main competition is Metal Edge, Hit Parader, and Revolver.


"Favorite memories or interviews? I would say that the Ozzfests have been the best for me. Hanging out behind the second stage and watching those second stage bands rock out is the best. To me, that's where the real action is at Ozzfest. Bands like Hatebreed and Mudvayne--and getting to know them is real cool.


"I love every part of writing for CIRCUS. From setting up the interview, to writing the interview, to seeing the interview published. That's what it's all about for me. I love CIRCUS and think it is a fantastic read for true blue metal fans.


"David Fricke and Kurt Loder wrote for CIRCUS at one time and I think that says a hell of a lot. But, when I was coming up as a junior headbanger I used to buy CIRCUS magazine all the time to read up on bands such as Iron Maiden, Ozzy, Guns 'N Roses, Dio, Van Halen, bands from the '80s. I would say those magazines became as much of my childhood as baseball cards and Star Wars figures, and it makes me proud to think that maybe my stuff is as valuable to some junior headbanger coming up today."

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