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Our Staff

Joseph Worley

CEO / Editor in Chief

2009 - Present

Dan Davis

CIRCUS Reporter

1994 - 2000

Stephen Pepples

CIRCUS Reporter


David Fricke

CIRCUS Reporter

1978 - 1980's

Neil Zlozower

CIRCUS Photographer


Paul Gallota

CIRCUS Reporter

1984 - 1993

Don Sill

CIRCUS Reporter

1998 - 2004

Deborah Olin

CIRCUS Photographer


Jim Farber

CIRCUS Reporter

1976 - 1980

Mark Weiss

CIRCUS Photographer


Gary Cee

CIRCUS Reporter

1983 - 1994

Jullian C.

Digital Services Manager

2016 - Present

Tom Lukas

Hullabaloo Reporter

1967 - 1968

Salli Stevenson

CIRCUS Reporter

1970 - 1971

George Desota

CIRCUS Photographer


Steve Pastis

CIRCUS Enigmatologist

1979 - 1991

Anne Raso

CIRCUS Reporter


Kurt Loder

CIRCUS Reporter

1978 - 1979

A. DiSanto

CIRCUS Photographer


In remembrance and appreciation for those

no longer with us. May you rest in peace.

Jim Bessman

CIRCUS Reporter


1952 - 2021

Richard Hogan

CIRCUS Reporter


1948 - 1999

Ross Marino

CIRCUS Photographer

1976 - 1988

1959 - 1988

Lou O'Neill Jr.

CIRCUS Reporter

1970's - 1990's

1946 - 2010

Our History

Running Away With The Circus: An Oral History:


CIRCUS Magazine appeared at the newsstands in 1969. [HULLABALOO 1st issue - October 1966; CIRCUS 1st issue - March 1969] And like Jann Wenner at Rolling Stone, CIRCUS Publisher and Editor-in-Chief the boss is still at the helm. The boss actually started CIRCUS in 1966, under the title...

Robert Smith

Robert Smith is the president of A&R at Zingy, Inc. today. But in the mid to late '70s, Smith was one of the editors at CIRCUS magazine.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“I was the managing editor at Crawdaddy! for a couple of years prior to working at CIRCUS. The rock journalism world was pretty small considering its impact...

John Swenson

John Swenson is a music writer that has written for all the big music mags--Rolling Stone, Crawdaddy!, and, for a brief period of time, CIRCUS. Below, Swenson remembers his time at CIRCUS as a rock critic in the late '70s and early '80s
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"I edited the record section...

Stan Soocher

Entertainment attorney Stan Soocher, author of the book They Fought The Law: Rock Goes To Court, is the Editor-in-Chief of the industry trade journal, Entertainment Law and Finance. He is an associate professor and former Chair of Music and Entertainment Industry Studies at the University of Colorado at Denver where he teaches...

Gary Cee

Today, Gary Cee is the program director at the Poughkeepsie, NY, rock station, WPDH. But there was a time when Cee worked for CIRCUS, starting as a receptionist and eventually moving up to become the rock mag's Managing Editor. Below, Cee answers some questions about his time at CIRCUS and the mark that experience left on...

Corey Levitan

Former Circus Magazine associate editor Corey Levitan recently shared the story of being forced to fire one of his idols. During the late ’80s and early ’90s, legendary drummer Carmine Appice was working with such underrated hard rock bands as King Kobra and Blue Murder, while also 'writing' a drum column for CIRCUS...

Christian Wissmuller

Christian Wissmuller is the editor of School Band and Orchestra and Choral Director magazine. He is also a music freelancer who serves as a contributing writer at Guitar One and CIRCUS. Wissmuller talks about writing for CIRCUS magazine in the last few years.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -"After graduating...

CIRCUS Closes / A Love Letter To CIRCUS / Epilogue

We've never really heard of CIRCUS magazine, and we suspect this is entirely our own fault because we're so inexcusably square. We're told it's a big-deal rock / metal mag, and like Rolling Stone, it's been around since the late '60s and run by the same guy the whole time. That was the case until yesterday, when freelancers...

A Letter To Our Fans

From 1969 to 2006, Gerry Rothberg was part owner of the Circus Enterprise Corporation. CIRCUS Magazine was great at times only because of its collected staff of knowledgeable and dedicated reporters/photographers throughout the years - not because of GR's inflated ego. Since GR never...

The Boss

Interviewer: I am speaking with the boss, creator/publisher of CIRCUS Magazine. As a fan, I've been going back and repurchasing any of these that I can find at garage sales, swap meets or through eBay. I'm trying to get these back because the pictures were so good that when I was a teenager...

Jim Farber

Jim Farber is the pop music critic for the New York Daily News. Back in the '70s and '80s, Farber wrote for Rolling Stone, Creem, and Crawdaddy!. Farber's first full-time job in rock journalism was at CIRCUS while he attended college. Below, Farber talks about what the magazine meant to him as a kid and what it was like working...

Kurt Loder

Kurt Loder is probably best known as MTV's senior news correspondent. Before that, Loder was one of Rolling Stone's most talented and prolific feature writers in the '80s. Loder probably never would have gotten his job at Rolling Stone if it wasn't for his time working for CIRCUS in the late '70s. Below, Loder goes into detail about...

Philip Bashe

Philip Bashe left the world of rock writing years ago. Today Bashe is known as the author of such health/self help books as: You Don't Have to Hurt! A Leading Expert in Pain Medicine Shows You How to Treat--and Beat--Chronic Pain, co-written with Peter S. Staats, M.D., (Workman, 2004); Caring For Your Teenager...

Ben Liemer

Ben Liemer has been the director of National Sales, Northeast at TVT Records for 10 years. Years ago, Liemer was the Managing Editor--second in command to publisher the boss --at CIRCUS magazine from 1985 to 1989. Those years happen to be the most profitable in CIRCUS history thanks to the huge popularity...

Mordechai Kleidermacher

Writer Mordechai Kleidermacher has had music journalism published in Guitar World, Guitar School and Revolver. He is currently working on a freelance basis for Jazz Improv magazine. The leader of the band J.A.M., Inc., Kleidermacher has just finished making his first CD of original instrumental rock. During the early and mid '90s...

Don Sill

Don Sill is a freelance metal journalist who has been published in dozens of print and online publications. Sill was a contributing writer who usually had a story or two in every issue of the magazine.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"I was doing a college radio show at WUSB SUNY Stony Brook and was beginning to interview many metal...

An Interview With CIRCUS Magazines CEO

I discovered CIRCUS Magazine in 1977 but was too young for it. Saw it again in 7th grade (Autumn of ‘83) and by March 1984 my six-year subscription had started simultaneously with my teen years. By 1989 I’d moved on because I wanted a more serious, musician-minded publication. At the time I felt that CIRCUS was being...

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