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Joseph Worley (Owner & CEO of CIRCUS Magazine) has had a lifetime in the music scene. His past includes decades as a performing / recording musician, twelve years in record store management and several other areas of business.

Below he answers some fan questions. Submit yours here.

“ARE YOU OUT THERE?!” (Phil Lynott) 

  1. Q: “Can I get CIRCUS Magazine at the newsstand?” 

            A: While working in bookstores, I learned all of the ways that magazine companies were being stolen from and I’m determined to not let that happen to CIRCUS. When our quarterly issues begin, they’ll be available through online ordering only for the first year. Then we’ll try sending a few copies to outlets. 


    2. Q: "Why watermarks?"

            A: Using a watermark shows that these pages came from us, the official CIRCUS Magazine. Without them, a number of Circus “tribute” sites would quickly copy and use those images for their own benefit without crediting the source.

    3. Q: ...

[to be continued]

CIRCUS Magzine Trademark
CIRCUS Trademark

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In 2010 I started the first social media group for CIRCUS Magazine. By 2012 I’d noticed that our reach was being restricted (shadow banned). 

I mentioned this to my audience and the majority responded with “Every place has rules to attend. Follow them and you’ll have no problems.” But recently, some of those that heard my message have witnessed it to their own accounts.

I decided that there should be many channels in case the main one has “difficulties”. In April 2016 we’d spread to over 20 outlets and told our fans the reasons behind this. 

Some answered with “I only use ______ and I’m not going anywhere else. If you can’t post here then I’ll see you later.” 

[Reference: In the past, there were only a couple of tv channels to watch and if you didn’t change the dial to a different station, you missed your entertainment.] 

By now it should be common knowledge about the censoring that’s done to some on social media. We never had free reign to

say / post what we truly wanted. It was always a compromise.


[ To be continued... ]


Joseph Worley

CEO / Editor in Chief

2009 - Present

Paul Gallotta

CIRCUS Reporter

1984 - 1993

Gary Cee

CIRCUS Reporter

1983 - 1994

Steve Pastis

CIRCUS Enigmatologist

1979 - 1991

Dan Davis

CIRCUS Reporter

1994 -2000

Don Sill

CIRCUS Reporter

1998 - 2004

Jullian C.

Digital Services Manager

2016 - Present

Dominick S.


2021 - Present

Anne Raso

CIRCUS Reporter


Stephen Peeples

CIRCUS Reporter


Deborah Olin

CIRCUS Photographer


Tom Lukas

Hullabaloo Photographer

1967 - 1968

Kurt Loder

CIRCUS Reporter

1978 - 1979

David Fricke

CIRCUS Reporter

1978 - 1980's

Jim Farber

CIRCUS Reporter

1977 - 1980

Salli Stevenson

CIRCUS Reporter

1970 - 1971

Jim Bessman