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For faster service please refer to the FAQ sections below for answers to our most frequently asked questions. If the FAQ section doesn't answer your query feel free to reach out to us directly using any of options listed here.

  • Why watermarks?
    We use watermarks outside of our website to show that those pages came from us, the official CIRCUS Magazine. Without them, a number of Circus “tribute” sites would quickly copy and use those images for their own benefit without crediting the source.
  • How do I redeem my free year of Full Access?
    All purchases made directly through our site include your a year of Full Access for free. Purchases made through third party sites do not qualify for this offer. You will receive an email containing your coupon code that's good for a 100% off a one-year Full Access subscription. If you do not receive your coupon within 30 minutes after completing your purchase, please check your email spam folder before contacting us. If you still have difficulties locating you coupon, please do not hesitate to contact us via our support form found at: Then go to our Full Access page at then click the gold/yellow button to choose the Full Access subscription. There will be an option to the right of the screen that says Enter Coupon Code. This is where you paste the coupon code you copied from the email. You will still need to enter your payment details, this is to secure a payment method for you to easily renew your membership at the end of your first year. You will not be charged anything until it comes time to renew. Auto-renew is chosen as default, however you can turn off auto-renew at anytime using your account manager found at: If you do not wish to continue your Full Access subscription at any point you can go to to cancel. You will continue to have access to your subscription through the end of your current billing cycle. Once you have opened any Full Access restricted pages, your subscription will no longer be eligible for any refund. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us anytime.
  • Can I get CIRCUS Magazine at the newsstand?
    While working in bookstores, I learned all of the ways that magazine companies were being stolen from and I’m determined to not let that happen to CIRCUS. When our quarterly issues begin, they’ll be available through online ordering only for the first year. Then we’ll try sending a few copies to outlets.
  • "I hope the DVD-ROM of Circus Magazine is coming out soon, as well as some special retrospective issue. Creem Magazine is doing all of this, but Circus Magazine was my favorite."
    CREEM Magazine was only around from 1969 - 1989, just 20 years, compared to CIRCUS' 40 years of publications, (1966 - 2006). So it's a M-U-C-H bigger job than what CREEM has done. Keep that in mind along with the other factors that are going on between the two owners of CIRCUS Magazine (GR and JW) - some of which I can speak of and other problems that I can't. We have what we need to complete the job. It's the final negotiations that are being worked out.
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To absent family and friends

Jeff Mink

~Jeff Mink~

1971 – 1987

Paul Berube

~ Paul Berube ~

1971 – 1988

2009_0411 001.jpg

ohne Fotos

19** – 20**

Tim Johnson

~Tim Johnson~

1969 – 1992


~ Mark Smith ~

1971 – 2018

Mark Smith

~ Mark Smith ~

1971 – 2018

Tim Johnson

without photos

19** – 20**

Michael Hastings

Michael Hastings ~
28. Januar 1980 – 18. Juni 2013

Schriftsteller / Reporter starb bei einem verdächtigen Unfall, der weitere Untersuchungen verdient. Auto-Cyber-Angriff.

Isaac Kappy

Isaak Kappy ~
17. Februar 1977 – 13. Mai 2019

Schauspieler/Musiker unter Verdacht gestorben
Umstände. Fahrzeugmord. 


Flag GIF
Navy Officer
Flag GIF


E-9 ABCM Master Chief Petty Officer of the Command
United States Navy
~ J. F. W. ~

1942 – 1996


American flag waving
Military Medals
Flag Folding GIF
Miltary Funeral Gun Salute
 Panama City 
 1987 - 1992 
 1993 - 2015 
Florida State Map
 1971 - 1986 
 2016 - Gegenwart 
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